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High Court orders interim suspension of Telegram's services in Spain

A keyboard is put in front of a displayed Telegram logo in this picture shot February 21, 2023

MADRID, March 23 (mod1s) - Spain's High Court has ordered the suspension of messaging app Telegram's services in the nation after media businesses claimed it was enabling users to submit their material without authorization, according to a court source. 

The use of Telegram in Spain will be temporarily restricted starting Monday following a request by media corporations including Atresmedia (A3M.MC), opens new tab, EGEDA, Mediaset (GETVF.PK), opens new tab and Telefonica (TEF.MC), opens new tab.

Judge Santiago Pedraz decided to restrict Telegram's services in Spain while the accusations are examined. It would be the obligation of mobile phone operators to restrict Telegram's services, the court source stated. 

Telegram did not immediately reply to a request for comment. A High Court representative did not reply to a request for comment. 

Telegram is the fourth most-used messaging service in Spain, according to competition monitor CNMC. It was utilized by roughly 19% of Spaniards polled by CNMC.

The corporation states that in 2023 it had more than 700 million monthly active users globally.


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