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Terms of Use

1. Introduce

Thank you for taking part in our playground. And in order for this playground to thrive, maybe we need to establish similar rules for all players including you.

2. About our terminology

MOD1S is a service supplied by MOD1S Inc, situated in the United States. For information on how to contact MOD1S, please visit our contact page.

By visiting this website, you must comply with all rules set out on this site and includes our Privacy Policy. Please read these terms carefully.

If you do not accept, please do not continue to use our services, until you decide to reconsider.

3. Your rights

Your use of our Services does not establish ownership of any intellectual property rights to our Services or anything that you access. You may not utilize material from our Services unless you have been approved by or authorised by the content owner. These terms do not give you the right to use any of the trademarks or logos used in our Services. Do not delete, conceal or change any legal notices shown in or related to our Services.

Our service shows certain non-MOD1S material. Only the content owner will be liable for this material. We may analyze material to determine if the content is unlawful or violates our rules, and we may delete or deny the display of content for which we have a main cause. It is reasonable to assume that such material breaches our rules or the law. However, it does not necessarily indicate that we will evaluate the material, so do not expect that we will do so.

In conjunction with your use of the Service, we may send you service announcements, administrative messages, and other information. You may opt out of getting some of these communications.

Some of our Services are accessible on mobile devices. Do not use the Services in such a manner that you are distracted and prohibit you from complying with safety or traffic rules.

You may discontinue using our service at any time. Even though we shall miss you, and others too.

4. Your MOD1S account

You may need a MOD1S Account to access certain of our Services. You may establish your own MOD1S Account.

By checking in using your Google account, you agree to enable MOD1S to utilize your email information, display name, avatar picture to connect to your MOD1S account.

To secure your MOD1S Account, keep your password private. You are responsible for any activity that happens on or through your MOD1S Account. Try not to reuse your MOD1S Account password on third-party apps. If you become aware of any illegal use of your password or MOD1S Account, please reset your password and report it to us.

5. Protect your privacy

Our Privacy Policy outlines how we use your personal data and protects your privacy while you use our Services. By using our Services, you are consenting that MOD1S may use such data in line with our privacy policy.

6. Your material in our Services

Some of our Services enable you to upload, archive, transmit or receive material. You maintain control of any intellectual property rights you have with regard to such material. In short, what belongs to you will always belong to you.

When you upload, archive, send or receive content to or through our Services, you grant MOD1S (and the people we work with) a worldwide license to use, serve as your home page, store , reproduce, adapt, create derivative works (such as derivative works from translations, adaptations, or other changes we make in order for your content to perform better with Translation. broadcast, publish, publicly perform, exhibit and distribute such material publicly. The rights you give under this license are for the limited purpose of running, promoting and enhancing our Services and for creating new services. This agreement will continue in force even if you cease using our Services (for example, an article about photography you upload) (for example, an article on photography you post).

Our automated system analyzes your content (including email) to give you with customised product features, such as personalised search results, custom advertisements. as well as spam and malware protection. This analysis happens when material is transferred, received, or stored.

7. Our disclaimer

We hope you enjoy utilizing this playground. However, there are some things we do not guarantee regarding our Services. Except as specifically allowed in these conditions or additions.

Specific countries grant certain guarantees, such as implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, fitness for a certain purpose, and non-infringement. To the extent authorized by law, we exclude any warranties.

We provide the playing ground, thus we will not be accountable for any information submitted by users.

We are not liable for any damages that come from using the service or downloading material from our service.

8. Terms are subject to change

You can not wear a clothing forever, we too. And we also realize that this clause also needs to be altered at any point, and we are right to do so. And you will have to consent to our modifications to continue utilizing.

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