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Turkey strikes against Meta over Threads-Instagram data sharing

Meta Threads app logo is depicted in this image shot, July 6, 2023

ISTANBUL, March 18 (mod1s) - Turkey's competition watchdog imposed on Monday an interim restriction on Meta Platforms Inc designed to limit data exchange between the Instagram and Threads platforms as it examines suspected exploitation of the company's dominant market position.
In December, the authority opened an inquiry against Facebook parent Meta (META.O), opens new tab over a probable infringement of competition law by integrating its social media platforms Instagram and the newer Threads.

The authority said the interim measure will stay in place until a final judgment is reached, as the data gathered and pooled via these two applications might "violate competition law and cause irreparable damage" in the market.
Separately, the Turkish government penalized Meta 4.8 million lira ($148,000) daily as part of a separate inquiry for a notice message that the firm sends users concerning the transfer of data.

The warning concerning data sharing across the company's Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp services did not give adequate information and was not clear enough, it claimed.
The user notice was also aimed to guide consumers to allow data sharing which was not judged adequate to resolve anti-competition concerns, it said.
A Meta representative did not immediately comment on the choices.

($1 = 32.2954 liras)


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