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Elon Musk takes another stab at OpenAI, making xAI's Grok chatbot open-source

xAI Grok chatbot and ChatGPT logos are displayed in this image shot, March 11, 2024.

March 11 (mod1s) - Elon Musk stated on Monday his artificial intelligence business xAI will open-source its ChatGPT challenger "Grok" this week, days after he sued OpenAI for abandoning its initial aim in favor of a for-profit model.
The entrepreneur has spoken on multiple times against the exploitation of technology for profit by huge technological corporations such as Google.
He filed the complaint against Microsoft-backed OpenAI, which he co-founded in 2015 but departed three years later, earlier this month. In response, OpenAI revealed emails that indicated the Tesla CEO backed a proposal to form a for-profit organization and desired a merger with the EV manufacturer to make the merged firm a "cash cow."

"This week, @xAI will open source Grok," Musk announced in a post on X, the social media startup he controls.
The move might provide the public full access to play with the code underpinning the technology and aligns xAI with businesses such as Meta (META.O), opens new tab and France's Mistral, both of which have open-source AI models.
Google has also published an AI model named Gemma that other developers may possibly customize according to their requirements.

Tech investors like OpenAI supporter Vinod Khosla and Marc Andreessen, co-founder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, have been discussing over open-sourcing in AI since Musk launched the case against the ChatGPT creator.
While open-sourcing technology might help speed up discoveries, some experts have cautioned that open-source AI models could be exploited by terrorists to build chemical weapons or perhaps generate a conscious super-intelligence beyond human control.

Musk stated at Britain's AI Safety Summit last year that he planned to build a "third-party referee" that could supervise corporations developing AI and raise the alarm if they had issues.
Seeking an alternative to OpenAI and Google, Musk founded xAI last year to construct what he claimed would be a "maximum truth-seeking AI". In December, the firm brought out Grok for Premium+ users of X.
In a podcast discussion with computer scientist and podcaster Lex Fridman, Musk hinted in November that he embraced the notion of open-source AI.

"The term, the open in open AI, is meant to represent open source, and it was developed as a nonprofit open source. And now it is a closed source for maximum profit," Musk had remarked.


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