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Britain's BBC considering constructing in-house AI model

A view of the BBC headquarters in London, Britain July 12, 2023

LONDON, March 21 (mod1s) - Britain's national broadcaster the BBC is thinking up plans to construct and train its own artificial intelligence model using its text archives, the organization announced on Thursday. 

A BBC official told a parliamentary committee earlier this month the company was looking into generative AI as a tool to help its production process and examining a potential unilateral or cooperation agreement on training a model.

Asked about a Financial Times claim on Thursday that the BBC was intending to construct its own AI models, a spokeswoman acknowledged the BBC was working into establishing a Large Language Model utilizing text-based material. 

The results of any such model would only be accessible to the BBC, the spokeswoman added. 

The Financial Times also claimed, citing sources, that the network was conducting negotiations with technology businesses regarding selling access to its archives, which could potentially be used to train AI models.

In response to that, the BBC said: "The BBC has no agreement with any organisation to use its archive to train their large language models that power generative AI tools for commercial use. "We are looking at a broad variety of concerns such as possible bias within such models and how the BBC either in collaboration or independently might solve them."


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