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Apple could allow developers publish applications straight from their sites

An Apple logo is shown outside an Apple shop in Lille, France, September 13, 2023

BRUSSELS, March 12 (mod1s) - Software developers that use Apple's App Store will be allowed to distribute programs to EU customers directly from their websites this spring, the firm announced on Tuesday, as part of changes needed by new EU legislation compelling Apple to open up its closed eco-system.
The European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA), which kicked in last week, mandates Apple (AAPL.O), opens new tab to provide alternative app stores for iPhones and to enable developers to opt out of using its in-app payment mechanism, which collects fees of up to 30%.

"We're providing more flexibility for developers who distribute apps in the European Union, including introducing a new way to distribute apps directly from a developer's website," Apple wrote in a weblog.
"Apple will provide authorised developers access to APIs (application programming interfaces) that facilitate the distribution of their apps from the web, integrate with system functionality, back up and restore users' apps, and more," the firm stated.

Other improvements include enabling developers who build up alternative app marketplaces to provide a library completely made up of the marketplace developer's own applications with immediate effect.
Developers may select how to create in-app promotions, discounts and other offerings when leading consumers to make a purchase on their website instead of utilizing Apple's template.
Apple's reforms come amid continuous accusations from competitors that its compliance efforts are falling short. DMA infractions may cost organizations penalties as much as 10% of their worldwide revenue.


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