Renault 4Ever Trophy Is a Spunky EV Concept in French Blue

The new electric crossover is intended to honor the original Renault 4L from 1962.

  • Renault revealed another version of the 4Ever Trophy concept, this time in Île-de-France Blue paint, a nod to the original Renault 4.
  • The concept was first revealed at the Paris auto show last year, but that one wore silver paint.
  • The newest concept will take the stage at the 2023 French Open, which begins later this month.
Renault first revealed the 4Ever Trophy concept at the Paris auto show last year, as both an homage to the original Renault 4 and as a look into the upcoming relaunch of the vehicle. The company just revealed an updated version of the concept, this time finished in Ile-de-France Blue paint, complete with neon accents.


According to Renault, the livery of the new concept is meant to represent the "iconic tennis balls of the French Open," which is exactly where the company plans to debut the car. That seems a bit of a stretch, but either way, we love the look of the concept.

The electric crossover sits on a set of all-terrain tires, with rugged panels running along the bottom half of the car while a spare is strapped down to a roof rack. Off-roading accessories like traction boards and a shovel are strapped to the rear windshield to help in the event that the little 4 gets itself stuck off-roading.

The Île-de-France Blue of the new version is inspired by the launch color for the original Renault 4L, back when it launched in 1962. It's been over 30 years since the original car left production, and now Renault is planning to bring it back in the form of an small EV crossover.


According to a report from Top Gear magazine, Renault's chief of advanced and concept design Sandeep Bhambra says the concept is "very close" to the production version. Of course, we won't get the updated 4 in North America, but that won't stop us from fawning over the images. Despite carrying a lower number designation, the new 4 is said to be sized and priced above the 5, which will be much closer to the original city-going 4.

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