7 Cool Details on the New 2024 Toyota Tacoma

The all-new generation of Toyota's mid-size truck brings an array of new badges, specialty off-road equipment, and creative convenience features.

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma represents the first major overhaul for the mid-size pickup truck in eight years, introducing an assertive new design, an optional hybrid powertrain, and a slew of off-road-focused trim levels. Along with these significant changes, Toyota filled the 2024 Tacoma with neat, practical features and fun design elements, from new badges to Easter eggs and smartly integrated technology. Here are some of the coolest details we found on the 2024 Toyota Tacoma.

Traveling Tunes


For hardcore audiophiles, the 2024 Tacoma offers a 10-speaker JBL sound system upgrade that includes an externally coupled subwoofer, which is lighter and more space efficient than traditional subwoofers while still providing thumping bass. But the real party piece is the JBL Flex portable speaker, which serves as the central speaker when docked on the dash, where it also charges. When removed, the Bluetooth speaker can last for up to six hours, Toyota says, and can pair with other Toyota JBL Flex speakers. It can even survive being submerged under up to three feet of water.

Electrified Off-Roader


For the first time, the Tacoma now comes as a hybrid thanks to the 326-hp iForce Max powertrain. Models equipped with the turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid setup sport Toyota's new bZ ("Beyond Zero") badge, first seen on the 2023 Toyota Prius. The blue circular logo will appear on every new Toyota that uses electrons to power the wheels, whether it is a full EV, hybrid, or hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle. You won't be seeing this logo on Tacomas until 2024, however, with the iForce Max–equipped models arriving after the gas-only trucks go on sale later this year.

Hi, My Name Is . . .


The 2024 Tacoma lineup adds two new nameplates, each wearing unique badges. The Trailhunter arrives as a factory-built overlanding vehicle sporting a unique suspension, a bed utility bar, a snorkel air intake, and spots to easily attach camping accessories. The octagonal Trailhunter logo features a "T" in the center of a rugged-looking compass. Toyota also revived the PreRunner nameplate that was last seen on the Tacoma in 2015, now dubbing it the TRD PreRunner. The two-wheel-drive off-road trim is distinguished by a bold graphic on the bed.

Emus Everywhere


For the Trailhunter, Toyota worked closely with Australian off-road guru ARB on specialty parts, including the unique Old Man Emu suspension. The 2.5-inch forged monotone shocks with external remote reservoirs are emblazoned with the brand's unique geometric emu logo, while other all-terrain components like the steel rear bumper and recovery hooks proudly display the ARB emblem.

All of the Lights


Along with tougher suspension and burly off-road add-ons, the Trailhunter is designed to simplify life at the campsite. The bed of the truck features integrated "scene lights," thin rectangular units built into the black trim that provide illumination while setting up camp at night. While the lights come standard on the Trailhunter, they are offered as an option on the TRD Pro model. The Trailhunter is also prepared for any auxiliary lighting systems that owners might want to install, arriving pre-wired for accessories that can be controlled by three toggle switches on the dashboard.

- .-. ..- -.-. -.- / .-.. .. ..-. .


The Tacoma isn't packed with Easter eggs like its Jeep competition, but Toyota did sneak one little surprise onto the side of the dashboard. The circular trim piece features Morse code that reads "Accessory Ready," a reference to the numerous factory extras that Toyota plans to offer to new Tacoma buyers. The coded message is only visible when the door is open.

No Hands


The Tacoma's taillights include a cool hidden trick. The aluminum tailgate will be offered with an optional power open/close function, a feature normally reserved for full-size trucks, with the Tacoma becoming the only mid-size truck to offer such a convenience. The powered tailgate can be operated via the key fob or the traditional handle, but can also be activated with a rectangular button smoothly integrated into the taillights. The tailgate will even start raising if you give it a light push with your knee, making it easier to load the bed when your hands are full.

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