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2024 Range Rover Adds 606-HP SV Model among Other Improvements

The plug-in-hybrid powertrain also gets a power boost, the infotainment has been updated, and Range Rover is launching a new personalization program.

  • Land Rover has announced several changes to the 2024 Range Rover lineup, including a new 606-hp P615 V-8-powered variant for the top SV trim.
  • The 434-hp plug-in-hybrid model has been replaced by a new P550e variant producing 542 horsepower thanks to a more powerful electric motor.
  • SV Bespoke, a new customization service, will allow buyers to make their Range Rover Autobiography and SV models unique through a personalization process.

Land Rover is bringing a host of updates to the Range Rover line for 2024, with a new 606-hp V-8-powered variant and upgrades to the plug-in-hybrid model. Range Rover is also launching a new customization service, called SV Bespoke, in a bid to emulate the profitable personalization programs from other high-end automakers such as Lamborghini's Ad Personam, Bugatti's Sur Mesure, and Porsche's Exclusive Manufaktur.

Sitting at the top of the lineup is the new SV model called P615, with the upgraded twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V-8 now producing 606 horsepower, although torque remains at 553 pound-feet. Land Rover claims a 4.3-second sprint to 60 mph, but given that the 523-hp V-8 Range Rover matched that time in Car and Driver testing, we imagine the new 606-hp variant will be even quicker.


The plug-in-hybrid model also sees improvements for 2024, now churning out a combined 542 ponies and earning a corresponding name change to P550e from the previous 434-hp P440e variant. The added oomph comes from a new 215-hp electric motor that pairs with the 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine, and the P550e can reach 60 mph in a claimed 4.8 seconds, a 0.4-second improvement. Land Rover says the 2023 plug-in model could do 51 miles on a charge, but hasn't release numbers for the 2024 model yet.

The P550e appears to be exclusive to the Autobiography trim, with the base SE model no longer offering the P440e powertrain in the United States. The 523-hp V-8 P530 Range Rover, available on the SE and Autobiography models, gains the same 48-volt hybrid system as the six-cylinder models, which should help improve fuel economy.

New Range Rovers will also come with the company's latest version of the Pivi Pro infotainment system that brings new sliding sidebar controls for the volume and climate control. Land Rover says 80 percent of functions can be completed within two taps of the screen, and Amazon's Alexa voice assistant is now built-in.

Other additions to the Range Rover for 2024 include a new version of the adaptive cruise control system called Country Road Assist, which works on smaller two-lane roads and adjusts the speed based on upcoming curves. The Range Rover Sport has also donated its Dynamic Response Pro system, which electronically minimizes body lean while going around bends, and an adaptive off-road cruise control system can control the vehicle's speed while away from the pavement.


The new SV Bespoke customization service will only be offered for Autobiography or SV variants, with buyers invited to spec their vehicle at the SV Bespoke Commissioning Suite in the United Kingdom. They will also have the choice of visiting select dealerships or undergoing the seven-step customization process virtually. SV Bespoke will offer up to 391 material color schemes and over 230 satin or gloss paint colors. A Match to Sample program will allow Range Rover to replicate any color for the vehicle's exterior paint, and the Range Rover badges on the front and rear can be had in several precious metal finishes including 24 carat gold.

The 2024 Range Rover will start at $108,750 for the SE model with the P400 six-cylinder powertrain. Stepping up to the P530 sees the price skyrocket to $131,750, while the same powertrain in the Autobiography trim is $167,750. The plug-in P550e Autobiography model, which can only be had with the standard wheelbase, starts at $142,450. The P615 will start at $210,350 and is the only powertrain for the fanciest SV model.