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2024 Nissan GT-R Costs $122,885, over $50K More Than the 2009 Model

The steep price of the base GT-R pales in comparison to the $222,885 that Nissan asks for the track-focused NISMO model.

  • Nissan released pricing for the facelifted 2024 GT-R, with the Premium model starting at $122,885.
  • The T-spec model returns at $142,885, while the top-of-the-line NISMO will extract $222,885 from your bank account.
  • The 2024 Nissan GT-R is still largely the same as the original 2009 model, which cost just $70,850, equivalent to $101,825 when adjusted for inflation.

The Nissan GT-R—which disrupted the performance-car scene when it debuted for 2009 with its combination of ballistic performance and an attainable price tag—soldiers on for the 2024 model year with a light facelift. The revised front and rear styling brings a price increase of nearly $5000. The GT-R will start at $122,885 for the base Premium trim, with sales of the 2024 model line kicking off this spring.

The T-spec trim is back for 2024, bridging the gap between the entry-level GT-R and the top-dog NISMO track version. The T-spec is offered in two classic GT-R colors (Millennium Jade and Midnight Purple III) and comes with the NISMO's carbon-ceramic brakes and wider front fenders. The T-spec also wears gold wheels and starts at $142,885, about $2000 higher than the 2021 model.


The pinnacle of the GT-R lineup is the NISMO, a ruthless track beast that ups power from 565 to an even 600 horsepower. For 2024, there's a new front limited-slip differential, a swan-neck rear wing, and a redesigned front splitter and diffuser to increase downforce. A new appearance package adds RAYS forged 20-inch wheels with red accents, a carbon-fiber hood, and a unique engine cover. The NISMO starts at a whopping $222,885 ($5250 more than 2023) and will reach dealerships this summer. Both the T-spec and NISMO are being produced in limited quantities.

Although Nissan has given the GT-R periodic updates over its 15-year run, the 2024 model is still largely the same as the original 2009 version. Yet the price has skyrocketed. In 2008, a new GT-R had a base MSRP of $70,850, with the fancier Premium trim opening at $72,900. Even accounting for inflation, the 2024 model is significantly more expensive, with the 2009 version costing $101,825 in today's dollars, nearly $20K less than the starting price for the 2024 GT-R.

While it looks unlikely the world will see an all-new generation of the performance car known as Godzilla—at least one that's not fully electric—it's better to have one that gets more expensive every year than one that's not around at all.