2023 Aston Martin DBX 707 AMR23 Edition Is for Wealthy F1 Fans

The 707-hp SUV dons a paint job that matches the AMR23 Formula 1 race car and DBX 707 medical car.
  • The 2023 Aston Martin DBX 707 AMR23 Edition is a tribute to the brand's current success in Formula 1 racing.
  • The 707-hp SUV has an exclusive paint scheme that mimics the AMR23 F1 race car and the DBX 707 F1 medical car.
  • Inside, the DBX 707 AMR23 Edition has black-and-green upholstery, carbon-fiber bits, and special badging.
Fans of Aston Martin's Formula 1 racing team—and those wealthy enough to afford the brand's six-figure DBX 707 SUV—will likely appreciate the new AMR23 Edition. Specially curated by Aston's Q division, it features an exclusive paint scheme inspired by the AMR23 F1 race car and that's very similar to the appearance of the 707-hp DBX F1 medical car.


Coated in Podium Green, the 2023 Aston Martin DBX 707 AMR23 Edition is further identified by lime-colored accents on the lower parts of its carbon-fiber body kit—just like those seen on the medical car. Both hues are the primary colors on Aston's F1 racer too.

Peeking from behind the SUV's black 23-inch wheels are large brake calipers that clamp standard carbon-ceramic rotors, and they wear the company's Racing Green paint. A "Q" badge on the front fenders also identify the DBX's special vibe.


The F1-inspired color scheme continues inside, with the AMR23 Edition featuring upholstery in Onyx Black and Eifel Green and trimmed with lime contrast stitching. The cabin is also fitted with carbon-fiber trim as well as dark satin elements. When climbing in and out of the twin-turbo SUV, the door sills provide a visible reminder of its motorsport pedigree with their AMR23 logos.

The DBX 707 starts at $210,776, but Aston hasn't said how much the AMR23 Edition costs. The company says it's currently available for customer orders, along with other AMR23 extras.

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