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Temple Run 2 1.94.0 APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins/Gems) Download

Published on December 20, 2022
Temple Run 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Coins/Gems) is an infinite running game that provides both weird and exciting experiences to players.
NameTemple Run 2
PublisherImangi Studios
Size115 MB
RequiresAndroid 10
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins/Gems
Link DownloadMediafire, Google Play

Temple Run 2 by Imangi Studios is an endless run game that gives both interesting and fascinating experiences to players. It’s fundamentally different from the endless run games you’ve played, for sure.

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Introduce about Temple Run 2

Endless run game with odd gameplay!

Temple Run 2, a new wind in the endless run genre for mobile

Temple Run 2 has so far gathered around 2 million downloads, a significant number for a casual game of endless run kind. Among various endless running games on mobile, why does Temple Run 2 have such an amazing ranking?

First, the way the difficulty is formed and the whole distinctive sights of Temple Run 2 are quite amazing. If you’ve ever played this genre on mobile, you’re undoubtedly familiar with current settings, bright cities, or busy industries & streets with various barriers. The typical characters are also cartoon creatures like miniature girls, boys, minions, and even old grandparents… Despite such games strove to enrich the storyline and environment, in general, they did not make significant influence.

Temple Run 2 has provided fresh breath that the endless run game series is lacking now. The distinctiveness comes from the old temple background, engaging 3D graphics with the prevailing brown color tone, and the meandering path encircling the historic temple like a labyrinth. All these characteristics have generated a very unique Temple Run 2.


Lost among ancient temples, an archaeologist is seeking to discover a means to escape from the pursuit of vicious monkeys. Overcoming this complicated maze-like antique temple system is not straightforward. There are various stages with traps, monsters, and obstacles on the road.

To do this, you have no alternative but to sprint swiftly. Try to be agile on the tiny highways. Climb, launch, jump, swing… do it anything since time does not wait, you also can’t fall behind as the screen is continually going forward.

The context of Temple Run 2 is quite basic to satisfy gamers. This is a really strange tale; the beginning way is also bolder than the endless run experiences that I have ever experienced. The antique buildings gradually expanding out like a maze before your eyes also makes you feel apprehensive. You may decide to get right into the race while being careful of what awaits you ahead in this attractive neighborhood.


Temple Run 2 is a non-stop run. Your aim is to move forward, utilize all your abilities to get away from the creatures chasing after, conquer barriers, get a lot of gold money, and pass the dangerous traps everywhere in the ancient temples.

The operation of Temple Run 2 is likewise quite easy, you can become acquainted to it in just a few minutes. Specifically, it entails the following operations:
  • Swipe up: control the character to jump up to dodge obstacles.
  • Swipe down: control the character to glide down to escape obstacles.
  • Swipe left: control the character to run to the left.
  • Swipe right: control the character to run to the right.
But comprehending the activities is only the base. What counts is the player’s control skill. You will need to be swift, highly attentive, and properly integrate duties. Experience will also crucial. The more you battle with the endless run genre, the more familiar you are with how the obstacles are lined up to make it harder for the player. So you may just overcome it.

When you have enough gold coins, you may buy objects and equipment to help the character’s escape. The powerful items encountered in Temple Run 2 include:
  • Shield: defends you against traps and impediments.
  • Enhance: helps boost movement speed.
  • Coin Magnet: helps attract coins on the move.
Gold money could also let you access the attractive characters in this game. In the near future, just run and pay attention to get as much money as possible. If you have a lot of money, you can buy anything.

Temple Run 2 is not only stunning with the background of ancient temples lurking in the mysterious old forest but also provides many appealing eccentric characters such as Scarlett Fox, Guy Dangerous, Karma Lee, or even martial arts master Bruce Lee.
  • Guy Dangerous: adventurer and default, the first character in the game \sScarlett Fox: a talented artist, a red-haired female who wears a cream top, dark brown pants, and a moss green backpack on her back.
  • Karma Lee: a noble lady who wears a red top, white leggings, a belt around her waist, and a crown on her head to make her stand out.
  • Bruce Lee: the legend of martial arts, a figure with many devotees
Each character has unique skills. If you employ them effectively, following your playing strategy, you may pass the level more simply.

Not just run and run

This is a standout feature of Temple Run 2 compared to other games of the same genre. The adventurer in this game not only runs but also has many other unique skills. Swinging high, jumping over mountains, bouncing from side to side of a small precipice… Exploit all the abilities of the character and with simple manipulations, you will go fairly far into the game.

Temple Run 2 also offers a new mining map. Entering the mine, you will be driving on the rails to escape the animals. This driving has its control system but is also pretty basic to learn. The blend of many interesting forms and skills of the character and the techniques of control has made Temple Run 2 superior than many other games.

Graphics and sound

Temple Run 2 has great 3D graphics. Although they are not full HD, the images in this game make players incredibly thrilled. The color tone is extremely dominating compared to other endless run games. The winding road encircling the ancient temple is finely drawn and unexpectedly varied with a lot of exact characteristics. The fundamentally engaging game, now thanks to the aesthetics, has become considerably more compelling.

The music is incredibly energetic, full of energy, and complements the narrative nicely. You will find yourself continuously getting addicted to the game and do not want to leave, even for a few seconds.

MOD APK version of Temple Run 2

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Coins/Gems


Complete one level to get a lot of Coins and Gems.

Download Temple Run 2 MOD APK for Android

No longer a standard unending run, Temple Run 2 has certainly raised this game genre to a new level. It works well from how to build conditions, how to take care of the backdrop, and the adding characters, abilities, and numerous driving vehicles. If you want to play the most excellent endless-run game on mobile, Temple Run 2 will be the first alternative I desire to offer to you.

Available Versions of Temple Run 2

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